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herbal medicine
herbal medicine

My name is Ezra 25 years of age. My mother died when I was 14 years of age due to cancer. For this reason, my dad married another woman who was my stepmother. At first, when I came to holiday from the university in Uganda, back at home my step mum would tend to be arrogant and she really did not like me. She seemed to be in her early 40s and still her beauty was outstanding and not as many women at the age of 40. As time went by, my dad would have meetings back at his place of work and he had the habit of arriving home late.


I was surprised since my step mum started being close to unlike before. She cooked meals and at some points, we would watch the TV together in the absence of my dad. As time went by, we started romancing as he would say I was such a sexy creature. Since I had sexual feelings I would tolerate her and at some point, I would caress her to some level. My dad really knew nothing about our relationship with my step mum as he knew I was such a respectful child to him. Each time dad left for work my step mum would rush to my room for some romance. One day I really did not control my feeling s and I actually pounded my penis in her. She was really pleased and at some point, she said I did it better than my dad.


We did this for a long period of time and my dad really noticed nothing. As soon as my dad came back from work we would pretend to have an absurd relationship with my step mum. We really wanted him to discover what we were doing during the day when he was not around. This happened until one day when we were having some sex with my step mum in the sitting room my dad bashed us. He was so much shocked to have found me on top of his source of happiness. He really did not want any form of the argument but just left. A day after he came home furiously and told me with my step mum that he was to take us on a journey. We did not know where he was taking us until we arrived. We at Dr. Mugwenu an extinguished herbalist in town. The herbalist performed his rituals to remove bad omen that had been brought by us having sex with my step mum. Since that day we had never again fallen in love with my step mum. Dr. Mugwenu assured us of peace of mind. We later reconciled with my dad as he forgave me and my stepmother.


He instills the ability to enable you to have authority and power to convince people through the magic ring. This helps many people like the clergy or the politicians who at some point may need to have a large following. Do not be left behind. For consultations call +254740637248/E-mail

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