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My name is Paul now 30 years of age. We lived together with my parents back in Mombasa County. After sometimes when I was about 15 years of age, my parents separated as my dad found mum cheating in the matrimonial bed. He never wanted a lot of arguments with mum and without wasting much time he divorced her on the spot. I chose to remain with my dad since he had really much impact on my life and at some point when I was a little kid he would entice me with a lot of things which really made me like her. Living with my dad really taught me many things. At some point, he would talk ill of the female gender.


He used to say how women were bad for he once ambushed my mum being munched in our house sometimes back. This really affected my relationship with the female gender for I started hating them. At school, I would play with the boys and when a girl came near I would either knock her or at some point, I would abuse her. As time went by I started developing some behavior of being close to the male gender even in my adolescent stage despite many people say at this stage the boy gets attracted to the girl child. I joined campus and my relationship with the female gender was absurd for I really did not want to see them near me. I never had a girlfriend but had a lot of male friends.


When I graduated, I had a gay partner with whom we had been having a sexual life. It has been really an awkward experience and since we were both male genders in the relationship we did it secretly. My relatives would ask me why I was not marrying any time soon for a time was really running. I really did not like the female gender at all keeping in mind my dad’s utterances of the females. As time went by, I started having some instincts that I was going the opposite of God’s will of procreation. And since I had been so much attracted to being gay I had to seek help for really the habit had been bringing some effects on my life. I met Dr. Mugwenu through the website where I contacted him. After a week I was at his offices for I was really exhausted with being gay. I was attended and when I got back home I had no such feelings. Dr. Mugwenu helped me to get a lady whom I married later. He had helped me to change the perception I had concerning the female gender. I lived a straight life again through Dr. Mugwenu. He heals fibroids, fistula ulcers, and other disorders just within three days. He provides couples with counseling which ensures marriages stay intact each day. For consultations call +254740637248/E-mail or visit for more.

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