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My youngest son was always so bright in school, at the end of every term, he emerged first in his class. He was loved by everybody in the family as well as his teachers back in school because he was a sharp and active child. So, my husband decided to move him to a private school near our place to ensure that his good performance was consistent.

Moving our son to a private school affected his scores in class, his teachers started complaining that he was not active and was not always paying attention while a teacher was in class. So my husband and I made him study at home to catch up with the rest in class, however, every time he sat down to study he complained of severe headaches which only disappeared when he stopped studying.

We decided to take him to the hospital to find out what was happening to him, the doctors however argued that our son was perfectly fine and healthy. Despite the doctor’s assurance that my son was okay, he still experienced a severe headache any time he attempted to study. I knew I had to look for another alternative to solve his weird situation before it could kill him.

A good friend of mine advised me to seek help from Doctor Mugwenu stating clearly that his abilities are efficient and that he would solve my son’s problem immediately. She then issued me with his contact information and I hurriedly gave him a call through his number +254740637248 to book an appointment to see him.

I took my son to see the Doctor at his herbal shop the following day, he prepared herbs for him and instructed that I should ensure that I administer it to him three times a day. Two days later, my son stopped complaining about the headaches he was initially having while studying. He also started performing so well that at the end of the term, he emerged first in his class. Thanks to Doctor Mugwenu my son’s performance has been consistent ever since.

Doctor Mugwenu says that his spell casting powers work within 24 hours mostly happening the same day they are released. He handles general problems ranging from winning court cases, winning the lottery, promotion at work, enhancing family business, protection of family and property.


His expertise in mixing herbs helps in healing diseases such as ulcers, TB, typhoid, syphilis, hypertension, gonorrhea, epilepsy among many others. Many others who have been assisted by Doctor Mugwenu say they have received powerful healing and are now more connected to their fellow lonely hearts.

He also solves life problems that include; love issues, evading poverty, stops cheating in marriages, enhances a couple’s sexual life.


Doctor Mugwenu not only offers traditional healing and herbal services, but he is also a self-professed spell caster with powers to fight off demons, get rid of bad scary dreams, protect haunted houses, breaking voodoo spells.

His ability to foretell the future is 100% accurate.

For more information and inquiries, you can reach him through:

Call: +254740637248

Email:[email protected]

Or visit his website on http//












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