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Reasons Why Most Celebrity Relationships Fail

Heartbreak BELatina Latinx
Heartbreak BELatina Latinx

Love is a beautiful thing. However, it turns out ugly in an event of a break-up. Most people part ways after some months or even year’s together. However, celebrities are not an exception.

Nonetheless, we have witnessed several celebrity breakups. The most recent one is Sailor’s Masilver and her girlfriend. There are a few reasons why most celebrity marriages and relationships fail.

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image courtesy Mulamwah and Sonny

Social media pressure

Most celebrity couples are always publicizing their relationship on social media platforms. They tend to live according to how people want them to. Nonetheless, they always care much about how people think of them more than what they think of themselves. In most cases, their relationship is controlled by the mass.  It is hard to maintain a publicized relationship.

They do not spend much time together

Spending time with your loved one is very healthy for your relationship. Since most celebrities are up and down looking for gigs and going for shows, most of them fail to have their own time. This makes their bond weak and they break up so fast.

They want a perfect relationship

Since most of the relationships are in public, they would want someone perfect. Any problem that can be solved easily fails to be solved. They are always on the lookout for perfection. It is never a guarantee that a relationship will be perfect.

Ego, fame and money

When both celebrities get married or into a relationship, ego comes in as both of them are on-demand and they both have money. If each of them has money, they fail to look into the depth of what brought them together.

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Since they are both famous, they well know that someone will always be ready to date them. Additionally, they feel like they have nothing to lose when they separate.

They have opportunity

Everyone wants to date or get married to a celebrity. They always get the opportunity to interact with new people every single day. From workplaces to gigs, they all have the opportunity to have a new lover.

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