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Seven Unprofessional Things You Are Doing At Work

When one is at work, there are ways that you are supposed to conduct yourself. Each place that we often visit has different requirement from us. It might start from the language that we use, dressing code and how we carry ourself around.

However, when at work, you might be doing unprofessional things either knowingly or unknowingly.

Well, here are some of the unprofessional things people do at work:

Always getting late at work

It is very annoying when you are always getting late at work.  If you find yourself getting late at work all the time, make sure you adjust the time you always prepare for work. Getting late means that you will miss out some brief meetings or you will have less time doing your work.

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Eating on your office desk

You might be tempted to eat your snacks or food on your office desk. This is very unprofessional. It gets your work station dirty. Moreover, some foods are smelly. It might irritate your workmates too.

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Texting and surfing during office meeting

Always respect office meetings. What you are surfing and texting is not as important as what is being talked about in your office. When talking to your officemates about work, do not spend most of your time on phone or laptop.

Being Mr Know-it-all

There is always that person who think that they know everything. You should not. Pretend to always know everything. It is also good to listen to your officemates. Be open minded and always be ready for each other’s opinion.

Applying make up at work

You might want to look good while still at work. However, it would be very unprofessional if you do your make up while at work. It shows that you do not respect your work. Always make sure you are neat before getting in office.

Selling snacks and gadgets to your officemates

Everyone would love to have some side hustle and selling snacks to your mates might be an idea too.

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However, it is not good to be going against any company rule if they do not allow you to sell snacks or anything to your mates. If you really have to, make sure you do that outside work.

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Getting into political discussion during work time

People have different political view. This might sound like a good discussion during work but it does not always end up well. Politics might divide you and your workmates and its going to bring some enemity. Always try to avoid such discussions.

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