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Ezekiel Mutua Reveals Why Machakos has 4,000 Teenage Pregnancies




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(KDRTV) – KFCB boss Ezekiel Mutu has attributed the high rate of teenage pregnancies in Machakos to Kamba music.

Machakos children’s office raised alarm on Wednesday with revelations that there have been 4,000 teenage pregnancies from January this year. Some of these cases involve children as young as 10 years.

Mutua now says that Kamba music is not only vulgar but also promotes teenage sex and objectification of women.

“The news about 4000 girls getting pregnant in Machakos County is shocking but not surprising. In 2017, a survey by KFCB on the effects of vulgar vernacular music on the youth captured this reality. Machakos County topped for vulgarity. Even the bands had sexualised stage names,” Mutua said on his official Twitter page.

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The self-proclaimed moral cop said KFCB did a survey on the effects of vernacular music on the youth and came up with shocking findings. In Machakos, you will find bands like Katombi, Maima, Vuusya et cetera.

“Dirty music dominates most Kamba vernacular stations with content that encourages sex with young girls, even rape. It’s time to stop this trend,” the KFCB boss said.

On his part, Machakos Governor Alfred Mutua attributed the high cases of teenage pregnancies to alcohol and substance abuse. The Governor further said that most of the children are impregnated by their own age mates.

“We also need to be REASONABLE and admit that even though there are grown men preying on teenage girls in Kenya, many young boys are boyfriends of their girl age mates and engage in teenage sex. Men who defile our girls need to be dealt with but we also need to talk to our sons,” the Governor said.

KDRTV reached out to some of the stakeholders in Machakos and word on the ground is that the cases in Machakos could be higher. Most of the young girls are defiled by family members like fathers and uncles and the cases are unreported.

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