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Increased Taxation for Nairobians.

More Burden for Nairobians due to Increased Taxation on Pets,Garbage and Fire Certificates.


The residents of Nairobi have been subjected to a worse state of living after Governor Mike Sonko initiated taxation of pets, garbage and fire certificates.

The new law will increase the standards of living and make it hard for people to afford living life in the city.

This directive comes after parking fees in the Central Business District had been doubled throwing taxi operators into a frenzy.

The bill although not yet passed, will leave Nairobians with less to spend from their hard earned money as the estimated amount for garbage is Ksh. 2,000 annually together with the monthly fees of Ksh. 100 in slums, 300 for the middle class and 600 for the leafy suburbs.

Ideally, all Nairobians with dogs and cats or with intentions of keeping one would be required to pay Ksh. 1000 as part of the health inspection fees.

If the bill is adopted, the revenue collected at City Hall is approximated to yield 3 billion in fire certificates alone and and 1.5 million in the house hold items.

This revenue as stated by the governor will play a big role in driving the big four agendas in the County level and ideally run other programs of the city.

Therefore, owning pets in the city is not going to be as easy as before as the more the number of pets one acquires, the higher the taxation in form of inspection fees.

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