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Kenya Airports Authority’s action on Whistle-blower condemned




KQ Whistleblower

KDRTV-Welcome to Kenya a Country where whistler blowers become the victims and might die because they are acting on good faith and patriotism. A few weeks ago an employee of Kenya Airports Authority was sacked  because he shared recorded a video of a Chinese Air Craft carrying 239 Chinese Nationals entering Kenya after the dreaded Covid-19 virus was ravaging the Chinese Province of Wuhan.

Ali Mr.Gire, was sacked but reinstated after the High court Judge Weldon Korir, overturned his sacking and ordered his reinstatement.  Unfortunately his woes are far from over as the Airports Authority moved him to a different department within the facility with less responsibility and is not allowed to enter sensitive and key areas of the Airport without escort.

He is a man under watch around the clock and now worried for his security and freedom.

Kenyans have condemned the action and have called upon the Kenya Airport Authority to reconsider its action and allow their employee the freedom to continue with his duties without intimidation and discrimination.

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