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Kivutha Kibwana Says He Can Beat Ruto, Raila in 2022




Kivutha Kibwana Says He Can Beat Ruto Raila in 2022

(KDRTV)-The governor of Makueni Dr. Kivutha Kibwana has claimed that he is capable of beating DP William Ruto and Raila Odinga in presidency race in 2022

Kibwana was speaking during an interview in the Citizen`s JKL on Wednesday night where he alleged that Kenyans were tired of being mobilized based on ethnic spectra

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“I think yes. We have this problem of negative ethnicity & it is something that is fueled by us, the politicians…I can feel that Kenyans are getting tired of being mobilized on an ethnic basis…” He said.

The governor reiterated that the fact that he is focusing on people-centered development in his county puts him ahead of the presidential candidate in 2022

Kibwana said that the same way he has succeeded in developing his county is the same way he can replicate the efforts at the national level

The Makueni county boss had hinted previously that his name would be in the ballot and he is now ready to form an alliance with like-minded people

Kibwana also denounced claims that he seems too nie and soft to cling to the top position that requires fortitude and grit

“Maybe on the surface I look very nice but when real things need to be done we have to do them,” he explained in part.

During the interview, Kibwana also touched on his fall out with the Wiper leader Kaloanzo Musyoka stating that they agreed to seek different routes despite being in the same political party

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“I think we agreed that each one of us would walk their path and therefor although technically I’m in Wiper I do not really practice my work through Wiper,” he added.

The statement by Kivutha Kibwana has ensued amid pressure bestowed on the political arena as a petition has been tendered in court to bar the Deputy President from seeking a presidential seat.

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