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MALI: 40 People, Including Soldiers Killed in State Violence




40 people killed in mali

KDRTV has documented reports that at least 40 people, including nine soldiers, have been killed in  three separate incidents in the ongoing state violence in Mali

Reports intimate the 31 people were killed when gunmen stormed a village in central Mali, torching houses, crops, and livestock

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On the other incident, a group of eight soldiers died in an ambush while another one was killed during an attack on the military camp in the Gao region

KDRTV understands that Mali`s insecurity escalated in 2012 when the Islamist rebellion surfaced

The area known as the Ogossagou which was tackled on Friday is home of Fulanis, a largely Muslim ethnic group who were traditionally known to be herders

The ongoing insecurity in the country has been struck by the fact that the other group in Mali such as Dogon community is faulting the Fulani is facilitating the jihad group in the Sahel region

Such accusations have sparked the inter-ethnic violence in recent years

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It is the records that last year 160 people were killed in another attack in the Ogossagou and the authorities blamed the Dogon militia

The attack influenced several protests against the government authorities and the country`s prime minister at the time, Soumeylou Boubeye Maiga later resigned




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