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Msichana Akipata Mimba, Mimi Nitajua ni ya Chief! Natembeya Warns




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George Natembeya

(KDRTV) – Firebrand Rift Valley Regional Cordinator has warned Chiefs working under his jurisdiction that they will bear full responsibility for any teenage pregnancies which happen in their areas.

In a tough message which has gone viral on social media, Natembeya said that any pregnancy will be presumed to have been caused by a chief. The chief will carry the burden of taking the girl to hospital and providing for her until she gives birth.

“Machief mkuwe chonjo. Msichana akipata mimba saa hii kwa area yako, mimi nitajua hiyo mimba ni yako mpaka ile siku huyo mtoto atazaa tufanye DNA lakini kabla hajaza wewe ndio utapeleka yeye clinic,” Natembeya said amid laughter from the congregation.

Rift Valley is a very large area with different communities. Natembeya cautioned the Kalenjin and the Kuria communities to desist from their mindset of marrying young girls.

He said the government will go after culprits even in this pandemic period.

He asked parents to ensure their children get an education so they can change the society.

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Children have been home for more than two months now since the closure of schools of the Corona virus pandemic.

There is a need to protect young girls from sex predators. Natembeya has advised men to approach mature women who know what they are doing.

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