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Relief For Men as Vasectomy is Reversible.

Men’s Biggest Fear for Vasectomy Relieved.




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Vasectomy to majority of men is a term that brings about shudders and cold down the spine. This is due to the myths that surround the procedure as well as the ideology.

For decades, family planning has been made a women issue with availed methods provided to manage and control child birth.

The myths surrounding this involved loss of masculinity and the long surgical procedure that involved certain risks.

The misconceptions created an analogy that majority of men could not condone even the slight idea of discussing the idea leave alone undergoing the procedure.

Initially, once a vasectomy had been done, it was quite impossible to reverse as the procedure was permanent.

However, there is relief as doctors have affirmed the accuracy of the new technology where the procedure can be reversed.

The role for family planning has thus been shifted from entirely women to both genders. Ideally, a very minimal number of men opted for the procedure as part of family planning.

The number keeps increasing as from 2018 where the statistics were 663 men to June 2019 where the statistics are at about 1500.

This is an indication of progress and growth, with both genders taking part in family planning. The recent statistics indicate that Kakamega County leads in the number of men who have preferred the method, with various professionals ruling out the misconceptions. This therefore ascertains positivism in the near future with a higher number of men opting for the procedure and accepting it as it is reversible.

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