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Covid-19 is not necessarily the cause of president Magufuli’s untimely death: conspiracy hatched plots by the west have sent many into their early graves.

African Pan
African Pan

KDRTV News Nairobi—Africans & developing countries, kindly open your eyes wider. Yes, COVID-19 is real & the late President John Joseph Pombe Magufuli, a PhD holder of Chemistry had a firm stance against W.H.O protocols & UN related expectations about this virus. 


Students of Public International Law, International Humanitarian/Human Rights Law & students of Law & Development, kindly pick up your notes on ALL CONSPIRACY THEORIES, more so during pandemics, crises & disasters.


Somewhere I read that The Rt.Hon. PM Tony Blair who was a co-principal in leading the troops to destroy Iraq over “evidence” of alleged “WEAPONS OF MASS DESTRUCTION” in conjunction with President Bush Junior, apologized a decade later, terming such invasion as “a historical mistake”. 


The story about Col Muamar Gadafi is the saddest calamity to have hit Africa & Africans hardest. I have given you a hint.


President John Joseph Pombe Magufuli was no ordinary person. He was NOT only a distinguished scholar par excellence, but an astute Scientist in the technical field of chemistry. A sober leader, clear thinker & an ardent Christian, this great African GIANT was not reckless, careless, lazy or ignorant.


 He simply believed in empirical facts & the ability of Africa to find solutions to problems without necessarily relying on the former colonial tyrants & neocolonialists.  His firm dismissal against certain W.H.O protocols was NOT without any basis. 


A case in point was, W.H.O found it “wrong” for the government of Madagascar to roll out a home made herbal cure & vaccine against Covid-19, but the same W.H.O watches helplessly as Russia rolls out a Biochemically induced vaccine, without conducting CLINICAL TESTS as is required by the W.H.O regulatory standards & measures.


President Andry Rajolina was threatened with economic & social sanctions because his covid-19 cure & vaccine were generated from concoctions of African herbs. 


In short, Besides President Andry Rajolina of Madagascar, President Magufuli was the only soul on Earth & in Heaven, who blocked the purchase of covid-19 vaccines from Asia, Europe & America, & rallied behind Madagascar & actually encouraged African Countries to support Madagascar by purchasing President Rajolina’s led vaccines & curative herbal drugs. 


The influence of the late President Dr. Magufuli in promoting the Madagascar-based herbal covid-19 curative & preventive drugs disappointed, annoyed & defied the CAPITALISTS CABALS, who would have made a kill out of it in terms of HUNDREDS OF BILLIONS OF DOLLARS. 


According to the late President Dr. John Joseph Pombe Magufuli, Europe, America & Asia were only interested in using Africa as a ready market for their vaccines & using Africans as guinea pigs for the same.

President Magufuli 1

President Magufuli at a recent event before he died

 He was vindicated because so far, 15 European Countries have stopped the use of the Oxford Astrazeneca, their own vaccine only a month after African Countries had poured billions to procure the same.


 Slum dwellers all over Africa were still leading reckless anti Covid-19 lifestyles, but the death toll isn’t even abnormal. 


The point I am underscoring is this; let’s be critical thinkers, NOT all deaths in the midst of the corona pandemic is automatically covid-19 related. 


In the US under Trump’s reign for instance, all deaths were being clustered as Covid-19 related, to sustain a certain narrative. 

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#Only the Almighty God knows what has slain this great African Hero. #Rest with Angels the DEFIANT SPIRIT of African SOIL. 

By Caleb Ochieng and 5 others.


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