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Opinion: Getting an A means nothing. It’s a competitive world and you have to work hard

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Eric Njoka argues that leaving on past victories leads to doom because the world is very competitive.
People should work harder despite their past conquest.
Nakumbuka tukiwa college huko Maseno.Kuna mzee mmoja who used to shout kwa market kila siku,” you know I am a graduate,mimi ni msomi wa kupindukia”.
When you look at the mzee, he has nothing, completely nothing! There was a time we visited a friend in Kajiado, he was living in a single room. He had been in USA but was deported because he had fake papers.
In every statement, he kept reminding us how great life was in USA and how they used to do things differently. Vile alikuwa anaongea, bado anafikiria ako America—he had not moved on.
When I was actively looking for a job, there was a time I embarrassed myself.Kwa interview I said,”mimi nilipata A KCSE na najua I am competent”.
I thought by mentioning my grade, they will be shocked, scared and give me a job immediately. All of them behaved as if they cared less about my grades.Kumbe those guys wameona watu weeeengi walipata A na hata hawashtuki—pia wao walipata A.
There was also a time someone came for an interview where I work. I was among those interviewing them—mimi kazi yangu ilikuwa kuset aptitude test.3 of the interviewees scored First Class in college,1 of them had Second Lower. I couldn’t believe my eyes when the one with Lower Class beat all of them to secure the job.
Umewahipata mtu,kwao kitambo walikuwa matajiri.This person stopped working hard thinking that the wealth would last forever.labda babake alikuwa minister those days.Saa hii jamaa ukimwona huweziamini ni wa hiyo family.Lakini bado kwa ndoto anajua wao ni matajiri—
What I have come to realize is that most of us are carried away by past glory. Just because you scored A or first class in school, you think the society will be scared and leave opportunities for you.
Since your family is doing well saa hii, wewe unawacha kufanya bidii because after all watakusaidia ukilemewa.
Sisi Africans, we rarely inherit from our parents and relatives, we have to work hard to break the poverty cycle. The worst mistake you can do as an individual in kufurahia saana your past glory hadi kusahau kufanya bidii.
It’s because of this that most of our graduates are jobless. They think kwa vile they are graduates, wao watazunguka na CV,wapate kazi kubwa kubwa,mshahara nono nono na waswing kwa kiti huku wakipiga simu kupeana orders.
My friend, even after school, you have to work as hard as you worked in school.Huku nje ni very competitive, opportunities are very limited.
If you monitor carefully those who invent things.
Hawa watu hawalali,they invent,reinvent,invent until they beat all competitors.Ukirelax kidogo unapitwa na wale you considered weak and hopeless.
We live in a competitive world, if you don’t work tirelessly, Kuna siku utakuja kulaumu witches ,your friends and relatives for your misfortunes. By the way,hakuna mtu amekubebea maisha.

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