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American Cyberspace Under Foreign Intrusion

cso cybersecurity cyber attack warning danger threat hack by matejmo gettyimages 486818926 2400x1600 100813827 large
cso cybersecurity cyber attack warning danger threat hack by matejmo gettyimages 486818926 2400x1600 100813827 large

(KDRTV)-US firms and institutions are under fire from more frequent and successful cyberattacks that are undermining public trust and data security, all while Trump is in denial.

Earlier this month, on December 8TH, a cybersecurity firm FireEye came under the light when it sustained a sophisticated cyberattack on its infrastructure and technology. The attack was described as advanced, orchestrated, and possibly state-sponsored.

The perpetrator sought to acquire high government officials’ data and company-related hacking technology, the intentions are not yet clear due to the complexity of the threat. The hacking technique used was said to be novel and never seen before.

FireEye specializes in enhancing a firm’s online security, hence they possess an arsenal of tools they use to test or deliberately ‘hack’ their customer’s company to enhance its security and fix vulnerabilities in its design. Rendering it more robust and hack-proof, a strategy used by all cybersecurity firms from Microsoft to Google.

The culprits now have access to that set of cyber weaponry, however, the good thing is, FireEye knows its techniques and firm-developed technology inside out so to defend against its own weapons comes naturally, this is of course if you are a client of theirs.

It’s never good news when a security firm gets hacked, makes you wonder if they couldn’t protect themselves how could they protect their clients? The company’s stock suffered after the news as you would normally expect but quickly bounced back.

FireEye CEO Kevin Mandia recently announced a new cyberattack that targeted a small Texas IT firm called SolarWinds and through it, reached up to 18000 organizations with its malicious code and gravely impacted 50 of them.

US security institutions such as Homeland State and Defense departments were affected by the attacks, Energy Commerce and Treasury also breached to different levels and layers.

Upon investigations, the attack started out in October 2019 and was carried out secretly by injecting code slowly and intelligently to reach other organizations and individuals. The amount of Data stolen is said to be immense and not yet fully comprehended, in other words we know the attack was big but we don’t know how big. “This hack was so big in scope that even our cybersecurity experts don’t have a real sense yet in the terms of the breadth of the intrusion itself,” Stephen Lynch, admitted on Friday. The damage extended to Victims in Canada, UAE, Israel, and the UK with Microsoft expecting the damage toll to increase.

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Mike Pompeo, Secretary of State, and Marco Rubio the Republican Chair of the Senate Intelligence Committee openly blamed the Russian while Trump hinted at China and downplayed the threat.


Joe Biden on the other hand, being the wise one, chose a statement of rallying to deter US adversaries from conducting such attacks in the first place.

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