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Mariga is a School Drop Out and Can’t lead Kibra Constituency

Mariga scored a D- in form four and and can’t lead educated residents.




Residents of Kibra constituency are up in arms and ready to fight for rightful representation and vowed to vote for a candidate who not only lives in Kibra but also educated and can articulate their issues in Parliament.

While holding a Kamkunji forum in Kibra yesterday they said no amount of intimidation or money can make them vote for a non-local or foreigner who has never known their problems.
They lashed out at the Jubilee candidate MacDonald Mariga whom they claim got a D- in form four and has never helped the community in any form comparable to other football legends who have assisted the community where they hail from.

“How can Mariga tell us that he will help us now but did nothing when he had all the money and resources when he was playing for AC Millan and other world class teams?” an area resident was heard telling the crowd gathered in one densely populated locality.

They vowed to teach the Deputy President a lesson he will never forget.

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