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“Men Will Grow Breasts, Women Beards” Wajackoyah Warns Gov’t Against GMOs


Photo of Roots Party leader George Wajackoyah. Image Courtesy.

Roots party leader Prof. George Wajackoyah has opposed the Kenya Kwanza government’ s plan to import Genetically Modified Organisms (GMOs) to combat famine in various sections of the country.

Wajackoyah, who was speaking on Monday December 26 at the Emuhaya youth talent competition, asserted that GMO foods are prohibited in Mexico owing to their weird side effects.

The former presidential candidate went on to make the unsubstantiated allegation that men who consumed GMO crops in Mexico developed breasts while women acquired facial hair.

In the same vein, he warned, if the Kenyan government decides to import GMOs into the country, the same fate will strike the country’ s population.

“Saa hizi mnaambiwa mambo ya GMO…Mexico wamekataa mambo ya GMO maanake walifanya research, wanaume karibu mia tano huko Mexico walimea matiti kwa kula hiyo GMO na wanawake wakamea ndevu, ”

“Hiyo mambo ya GMO nayo tumekataa, lakini ikiwa mtakula hiyo GMO, wanawake watamea ndevu na wanaume watamea matiti. ” Wajackoyah alleged.

In November of this year, the Kenyan High Court prohibited the government from importing or distributing GMO crops and food until the outcome of a case filed by the Kenyan Peasants League, a social movement.

The petitioners argued that GMO foods and crops constituted a lethal health danger to Kenyans, especially the poor and those with modest means, and opposed their importation, cultivation, and consumption.

In December, High Court Judge Mugure Thande extended orders prohibiting the ministries of Agriculture and Trade from issuing directives about GMOs or acting on the Cabinet dispatch announcing the removal of the GMO prohibition.

Justice Thande stated that the court applied the precautionary principle in accordance with the Cartagena Protocol on Biosafety, which seeks to limit possible detrimental impacts on the environment and human health while balancing potential advantages to agriculture and trade.

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