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Trump and GOP allege Hammer and ScoreCard software used to rig elections in USA

President Donald Trump and the Republican Party have now claimed that Hammer and Scorecard software was used to rig elections in favor of former Vice-President Joe Biden who is almost being declared a winner in just concluded Presidential elections.

blog zuma trump shouting
blog zuma trump shouting

(KDRTV New York) –  Some Republican strategists have now claimed that they have enough evidence to help litigate their case at the Supreme Court and overturn Biden’s win.

Utah’s Attorney General Sean D. Reyes has come forward to lead a team of lawyers to conduct a forensic audit of the elections in contested states and head to the Supreme Court with a watertight case which is admissible, they hope that Judges will hear and determine that President Donald J. Trump won.

Unfortunately, the Republican Party has to file cases at the local federal Jurisdiction or State Supreme Courts before heading to the US Supreme Court in Washington DC to litigate their case.

According to the GOP, a few witnesses have come forward whom they claim saw voting irregularities. A Republican activist has claimed that in Michigan she was told to backdate some ballot numbers in favor of Biden.

In Philadelphia, thousands of protestors are chanting Pro-Trump slogans outside the counting hall. And per historical facts, the first President in US History who was defeated and decided to hang on to power was Adams in 1801.

On March 4th, 1801 the second president of the United States John Adams refused to hand over office to his main rival at the 1800 election Thomas Jefferson.

The rule of midday January 20 had not been written yet. Despite his stubbornness, THE OFFICE SIMPLY LEFT HIM!

After Thomas Jefferson was sworn in at an event in which the incumbent refused to attend Whitehouse staff started to remove the president’s belongings from the White House (Adams was the first president to reside at the new official residence). All security organs cut all official communication.

All presidential staff stopped taking instructions from Adams – THE OFFICE MOVED.

From that time all incumbents at the White House prepare early to leave in-case, they see signs of losing to avoid humiliation by the independent organs of the state (The Military, The Secret Service, The CIA, FBI, and all White House staff. They all operate under a code – that of serving a man/woman who has carried the WILL of the people at an election)

As soon as Biden clinches the 270 votes and is officially declared by all returning officers in the states the following is going to happen

1- The secret service divides its attention between the incumbent at the incoming President.

2- CIA begins to brief both (including top-secret intelligence which is traditionally reserved for  one individual-the commander in chief)

3- The counterintelligence teams of the CIA which ‘spy’ on The CIA also begin to brief both

4- Whitehouse staff begin to prepare to re-do the house in-line with the taste of the president-elect.

5- At Midday on January 20 Whitehouse staff remove all his belongings from the house and bring in the belongings of the new president  (they wait for no one’s instructions)

6- The deductions for White house rent on Trump’s salary stops in January

7- The deductions for Whitehouse rent begins on Joe Biden’s presidential salary in January

8- Melania Trump stops being the boss of Whitehouse on January 20 at midday

9- Dr. Jill Biden becomes the boss of Whitehouse on January 20 at midday

10- At midday on January 20 all the power organs of the US cut official communication with Trump; The pentagon, The CIA, The FBI, The Attorney General. The secret service maintains minimal communication since it is going to guard the x-president all his life.

11- The BEAST and AIRFORCE ONE salutes Trump for the last time and move their attention to Biden. The BEAST begins to carry Biden’s blood samples as is the tradition.
Without instructions from anyone! It has been so for over 200 years.

More News to follow.

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