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Biden Victory Confirmed After Death of Four Amid Riots

The victory of President-elect Joe Biden has been confirmed amid riots that have led to the deaths of four people

Victory of Presiednt elect Joe Biden Confirmed
Victory of Presiednt elect Joe Biden Confirmed

(KDRTV)-The victory of President-elect Joe Biden has been confirmed amid riots that have led to the deaths of four people as armed supporters of president Trump stormed the congress

KDRTV has established that a woman was shot by police and three others died of medical emergencies according to a statement issued by the police

However, congress was restored after violence that lasted for several hours

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Congress has now confirmed the victory of President-elect Joe Biden as well as that of Khamala Hairs

Many international leaders have faulted the sentiments of President Donald Trump which they assert resulted in the violence

Notably, the United Kingdom home secretary Priti Patel said that Trump`s words led to violence and called the scenes witnessed in the capitol as “horrendous” and unacceptable”.

His comments directly led to the violence, and so far he has failed to condemn that violence and that is completely wrong,” she told BBC Breakfast.

Many former White House officials have as well condemned Donald Trump for sparking the violence that transpired at the capital

KDRTV has established that after being recovered, congress confirmed the victory of Joe Biden

Meanwhile, as section of republicans attempted to overturn the results in many states but they lack sufficient support

Finally, Trump called his violent supporters to go home but consistently alleged that the elections were stolen

It is now a win on the side of Joe Biden as Trump released a statement on a transition of power

The Democrats won two senate seats in Georgia that tipped control of the Senate their way

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