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Netizens Zoom This Photo Of Kamene Goro And Notice Something Strange About Her Socks


(KDRTV) – Kamene Goro is one of the most loved radio personalities in Kenya thanks to her beauty, eloquence and great sense of humor. She co-hosts the ‘Morning Kiss Show’ on Kiss FM with Felix Odiwuor alias Jalangoo.

The curvaceous lady has not been very successful when it comes to romantic relationships. She has always been open about it. Her ex-husband falsely accused her of cheating and their marriage hit the rocks. Due to marriage and relationship frustrations, she quit her very lucrative job.

The former Ebru TV news anchor and presenter was only 23 years old when she got married.

She even had to hire a private investigator to try and prove her innocence but she ended up being conned.

The 28-year-old beauty was a guest of MC Jessy on his popular YouTube channel, Jessy Junction and she opened up about her very personal life.

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Keen netizens zoomed some of her images in the video and noticed something interesting. She was wearing white socks and they appeared to be dirty. Have a look at the images below;



The socks look dirty but it is possible that it is MC Jessy’s floor that was not very clean. White socks can attract dirt very easily if the floor is not spotlessly clean.

When a netizen posted the screenshots on Instagram, they attracted very hilarious comments, and here are some of them;

Popular Churchill Sow comedian, YY said, “Kumbe apart from happy socks, kuna dirty socks😂.”

@nasty_jorams4real said, “Hizo socks ni chafu 😂 😂 … Kiatu inanuka 😂”

@ybn_laniz joked, “Zinanisuffocate😂😂😂”

@dreezydero commented, “Kumbe kuosha socks siku hizi ni tricky😂😂”



What do you have to say about Kamene’s socks? Feel free to tell us your opinion in the comment section below.

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