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Young Children Dont Transmit Coronavirus, Says Scientists

Spain reports lowest number of coronavirus as lockdown eases
Spain reports lowest number of coronavirus as lockdown eases

(KDRTV)-Scientist in Switzerland has concluded that children under the age of 10 can now hug their grandparents since they don’t transmit coronavirus to the elderly.

The health ministry`s infectious disease chief Daniel Koch said scientists had finalized that the young children do not transmit the deadly coronavirus to their grandparents

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However, the country`s authorities warned that such meetings should be brief as well as not babysitting

Switzerland is among the European countries who have started to ease the coronavirus lockdown restrictions

Our investigations reveal that this week, garden, centers, and hairdressers have been allowed to reopen their operations

The country’s authorities have also announced that schools and shops selling items other food will be permitted to reopen in two weeks` time

Dr. Koch told a news conference this week that the original advice to keep distance between and their grandparents were made when the less was known about how the coronavirus was transmitted

“Young children are not infected and do not transmit the virus,” he said. “They just don’t have the receptors to catch the disease.”

According to the doctor, the grandparents live to see their grandchildren and that was very important for their mental health

According to him, it was not the children that posed risks to their grandchildren but their parents do

KDRTV understands that the new official guidelines came into place after adequate consultative with the Universities of Zurich, Bern, and Geneva

However, the new guidelines are applicable to children with no signs and symptoms of the deadly coronavirus

So far, KDRTV has established that not all experts concur with the Swiss government`s findings

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Germany`s chief of virologist Christian Drosten told Austrian broadcaster ORF that there was no adequate data conclude that young children could not transmit the virus


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