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Financial Infidelity In A Relationship

Financial infidelity is spending money secretly without the knowledge of your partner. It can also happen when one is not open about his or her financial matters to his or her partner. Most couples are not open about the amount of money they get.
Nonetheless, when couples are having financial cheating issues, one of them is going to suffer a lot. Most couples have probably experienced this kind of a relationahip where their spouses are not open. Before you can get into any kind of relationship, here are some of the red flags to look for.

Your spouse refuses to talk about financial matters

Discussion on financial matters should be held openly. Each couple should be free to talk about how they spend their money.

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If your partner cannot talk about money in a relationship, it means he or she is not open and they are hiding something.

Handling all bills alone

Couples are there to help each other either emotionally and financially. When your spouse just pays all the bills without even letting you decide on anything, there is much more hidden things. Couples who are open should not let only one party to pay all the bills without consulting each other.

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Always lying about expenditure

Lying about how you have spent creates mistrust. If one is not willing to be open on his expenditure, it shows that he or she do not trust their partner. Be open when your partner asks you about your expenditure. However, always be open so you can see where you spend your money mostly on.

Having secret bank acount

If your spouse is not open about all his bank acounts and savings, then it shows that he or she is hiding something.

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When you are having a different account, your partner has a right to know about it. It helps you two to plan your expenditure and paying out bills without straining.

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