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Hot female teacher raped by colleague in Njoro

police stations in kenya 5
police stations in kenya 5

A 54 year old man who has been philandering around with females was finally caught misbehaving with someone’s hot woman.

Eyewitness reported how the horny teacher pounced on the female colleague in an empty class and sexually assaulted her.

“He called the hot female teacher who was passing by the class room and before she knew it, he was already all over her and tore her underwear before sliding into her,” a teacher at the school recounted

An assistant chief who refused to be quoted confirmed the incident and said the teacher was with police awaiting Monday charges.

“The school had been closed the previous day and there were only Standard Eight pupils at school preparing for the examinations when the incident occurred,” the chief remarked.

When the media arrived for the hot news, they met with the husband to the hot female teacher and interviewed him when he divulged what he will be doing for the two to learn a lesson.

“I will make sure the male teacher will never erect any other day. I am going to take him to Mugwenu Traditional Doctor,” he angrily scoffed.

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