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As always gay practices have consequences. At times due to the way the two parties enjoy their pleasure due to anal or oral sex, it is likely to cause infections to both the persons at any particular time. My name is Isaac from Kisii County and I have been a gay for quit some long time now. I became a gay due to luring. My friend made me join the gay world after we were paid some money to shoot gay pornographic films. As a result I found myself completely to the practice. Before I really did not like gay practices but since I was confused with large offers of money I was in.


After a while I was in a gay relationship. At first I never imagined it was the right move for it had really faced some critics from various parts of the world hence I never thought I would be a gay lover at some pint. We would have oral sex as a way of making love to each other. At some point when the oral sex was not enough we would go the anal where each particular person had a duty to when he was supposed to be subject to anal fucking. After sometimes I started developing some illness. I had not be versant with anal sex and it had really affected me. My lover would tell me “angalia ukuta ni tani yako” and really I would adhere to it for it was our way of making love.


After some time I developed some throat problem plus my anus had developed some small fibroids which were really making me to be each particular time rub my anus due to the itchy effect they had. As time went by, we continued having anal sex with my male lover and things were really bad on my side. As a result I was not even able to walk at some point. Through the website I learned about Dr Mugwenu through various testimonials on the website I became interested in meeting him for really I would never even go to the toilet due to the anal problem related to gay practices. He attended me through cleansing and also subjected me to some herbal medication at least to ease me from the gay practices.


After three days I was okay for the anal problem was no more. He had to helped me out of the gay world. Since then I have never been into gay. Any person who has been into gay addiction should visit Dr Mugwenu for help for he will ensure you live the normal way and according to how the society expect of us. Do not be limited with your geographical location for he also does phone call healing at any particular time. He ensures your property is protected and it is not prone to theft at any time. He casts hex spells, love spells and other spells in life just for 24hours time and things will be fine. For consultations call +254740637248/E-mail or visit for more.

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