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My In-laws hated me so much but got help

sad story
sad story

I dated Marvin for 5 years and the time reached when he suggested that let’s call it a marriage. We lived by the city and I feared being introduced to his family a lot. I introduced him to my family and my parents said he seemed a responsible man and in fact a perfect match for me. He was a website developer at a Chinese company just by the city. I was a hotel attendant in the same city. Money was not a problem that much. The only thing I feared is going to be introduced to Marvin’s relatives for legal identity as his wife.

I really struggled with him for I feared going to their place since I was from a different tribe from he came from. Marvin too had informed all his brothers and sisters were educated and had top government jobs. Some were engineers, pilots, and army men. When I heard this I really demoralized myself for I saw I was going to I much high standard family. Due to love, I did not find anything wrong I loving Marvin. We had studied together on the campus and I knew everything about him. He was truly my perfect match. Sometimes I would tell myself I was to get drunk and go to Marvin’s home no one would identify I was present.

It reached a point that Marvin’s mother wanted eagerly to see who her son had married. We organized a trip upcountry to Marvin’s home. We thought it was only his parents who would be present but when we reached there I was astonished. The whole crew was there including all his siblings ready to witness me being unveiled officially to the family. Everyone introduced themselves to the family. There were people of high profile in society. It reached my point and I went dump. When my mother in law said I should introduce myself, I started shaking and forgotten all the words I wanted to say. Marvin felt embarrassed.

I would see some of my in-laws whispering in low tones most probably discussing me. Some would even talk in louder voices that I did not know how to wear a perfect outfit for such an event. When I stood up to introduce myself, my phone dropped down I felt embarrassed. My mother in law bore with me and said she understood my situation but really she was already I love with me. My father in law too said I was the perfect match for his son. Marvin’s brothers started complaining that I was not the perfect match for Marvin. I felt embarrassed and at some point, I walked out of the house. I ran by the bus station and Marvin found me at our place. We lived for some time and later realized I was not getting a child. I thought Marvin was the problem but when we went for a checkup I was really the one with a problem. My in-laws started putting more pressure on Marvin why he had not gotten a kid for all that while. They even told Marvin to marry another wife for I was such an outcast from society. I suffered from mental depression. A child in our African society was a symbol that a family existed but since I had none and I was not able to get pregnant, I almost committed suicide.

They pilled much pressure on my husband. He was sidelined on family issues as he had no kid and time was really running. Despite having a kid they also told him severally he had married the wrong person as I did not seem to be the perfect match for their brother. The only hope I had was my mother in law who kept encouraging me. We tried different medical facilities to solve this but we could not find a sign of relief. As we were in the process of looking for a solution, my husband who had now lost hope in me plus all the insults impounded on to us came across a website He keenly went through it and came up with people with testimonials of the same problem as mine. The next morning we went to Mugwenu doctors and I was attended to. On returning home, the atmosphere seemed relaxed. After sometimes the in-law’s insults had reduced. When I went to the hospital for a medical checkup I was pregnant as the tests revealed.

I knew well Mugwenu doctors had really helped me shun away my embarrassments. After sometimes I gave birth to two twins. The family has reunited again as everyone came for a baby shower with lots of presents. Since I was the first to have given birth to twins, it was a happy moment for the entire family. I really thank Mugwenu doctors who retrieved back my status in our entire family. Anyone with such problems of in-laws despising them should visit Mugwenu doctors for they got the solution to it. Mugwenu doctors also treat bad luck, nightmare spells amongst others in a spur of three days. Do not hesitate to call them if in need. For consultations call +2540740637248/E-mail or visit for more.

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