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Reasons You Are Struggling To Breathe When Running

One of the best way to maintain a good health is through exercising. Nonetheless, running is on of the exercises that you might opt to when it comes to keeping your body fit. While you run, you might find out that you often struggle to breath and this might make you loose hope in your journey of fitness.
There are several reasons you might have that cause you to struggle to breathe when running.
Since running maybe one of your daily routine to work out, you may also want to learn to breath while running. One of the quastions that comes to your mind will always be, why is it hard for me to breath while running?

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Well, first, here are reasons that you struggle to breath when you run and how to overcome it.

You might be having exercise–induced asthma

Asthma is a disease that often affect the airduct of the lungs. For this reason, this might cause you to struggle to breath when you run. According to American Lung Association, people that have asthma symptoms that are usually triggered during an exercise often have difficulty in breathing.

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Inspiratory Muscle Fatigue IMF

The inspiratory muscle fatigue usually occurs for different reasons. This IMF might be caused by anxiety, celebral palsy and aging among others. The IMF often cause sudden shortness of breath while running among the aged people and those with anxiety. These symptomes reduces your your muscles to resuce over a certain period of time

Change of environment

There are several environmental factors that might cause you to struggle to breathe when you. Some of these factors include altitude, air inflammation among others.When it comes to altitude, higher altitude is usually colder and less dense compared to lower altitude

You are not getting the correct rythm with your breathing

As you try to run, you may find out that you often struggle to breathe when running. This might b because your are not going with a specific rythm. Always try to match your breathing with your body. Make sure you feel relaxed. When you are not going with a correct rythm, you will have struggle when running

Inefficient oxygen in your body

When running, one needs a lot of oxygen. As you run, your body requires alot of oxygen and energy. When breathe harder to at least get your heart at the same rate with the breathing, you will find yourself struggle to breath when running.

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However, when you train regularly, your aerobic energy system , your body will often use the acidity of your blood.

Lack of regular exercise

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When you don’t regularly exercise, you will have a hard time in breathing whenever you run even for a short distance. You will struggle to breathe when running. And, this is because your body is not used to this.

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