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A young maid allegedly tortured by her employer in Nairobi




KDRTV-EASTLEIGH, NAIROBI. A middle aged girl has been humiliated by a Kenyan family of Somali origin accusing her of stealing clothes & undressed her while alleging she is a transgender boy. 
The little girl who has worked in the family for 2 years and 7 months had demanded her pay which they’ve not been paying her.
She wanted to send some funds to her sick mother in western Kenya & because of that she was humiliated and beaten by housewife in front of the entire family and friends before being thrown outside.
Tortured 2

Tortured 2

Kenyans on Facebook have condemned this act and are requesting the police to investigate this case and take appropriate actions against this family who don’t have a human heart.

Why torture a harmless poor girl from a very poor background?

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