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CORONAVIRUS: China Reports No Death For 8 Consecutive Days




Death Toll Rises As Coronavirus Spreads In China

(KDRTV)-China reports no new coronavirus death for eight days in a row while the US continues to battle with COVID-19 deaths

However the country which is the origin of the global pandemic confirmed 10 new cases of coronavirus.

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The Chinese Health Ministry reported that the new cases of imported coronavirus has went down

Recently, reports emerged of Chinese authorities being blamed for mistreating Africans in their cities.

Africans living in China shared reports of being forcefully ejected out of their rental premises and also forced into quarantine

Earlier on, the Chinese authorities had announced their bid to halt imported cases of coronavirus

Several ministries of foreign affairs from African countries intervened however, the Chinese authorities denied such claims reiterating that they lacked reality

Since the outbreak of coronavirus in the Chinese Wahun city, the rift between China and the US has widened with each country blaming one another for the origin of the pandemic

So far the US reported that they were investigating to find out if the coronavirus was made in the Chinese laboratories.

However, KDRTV recognized that French authorities had distanced themselves from the US allegations

The World Health Organization (WHO) also said that according to their investigations, there are minimal possibilities that the virus originated from the Chinese Virology laboratories contrary to the US allegations

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KDRTV also understands that the US and WHO had previously locked horns on what the US complained as under-funding during the global pandemic that has hit hard the US.

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