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Coronavirus: Foreigners Being Attacked In Ethiopia




Coronavirus foreigners attacked in Ethiopia

KDRTV has received allegations that foreigners in Ethiopia had been stoned, spat and denied transports after being accused of having contracted the dreadful coronavirus

US embassy in Ethiopia confirmed the allegation saying that it received information that some foreigners were stoned, spat and denied transport after being linked to COVID-19

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However, the Ethiopia`s Prime Minister and Nobel Peace Winner advised the countrymen that the virus has nothing to do with the nationality of an individual

He said this after reports emerged that the foreigners were being attacked in Ethiopia

Quote Message: Everyone is equally at risk and therefore adhering to the evidence based Ministry of Health prevention and care guidelines is essential.

 Prevention efforts need not be a barrier to our humanity and disposition for compassion.

KDRTV understand that Ethiopia has so far confirmed six positive cases of coronavirus with victims including Japanese and UK diplomat

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However, Ethiopia denied allegations that foreigners were being attacked instead advised people to avoid such dangerous rumours.


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