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CORONAVIRUS: India Overtakes Russia In Covid-19 Infections




CORONAVIRUS India Overtakes Russia In Covid 19 Infections

(KDRTV)-As the world continues to battle the novel coronavirus, the infections have increased in many countries while the world tries to establish adequate vaccine 

In the new revelations, India has surpassed Russia with new rates of infections as the country recorded 24, 000 new infections in the past 24 hours

India is the now the country with the third-largest number of coronavirus infections in the world.

India has reported a total of 697,413 coronavirus cases with 19,693 fatalities

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India had reopened shopping centers, places or worship and offices a month ago.

KDRTV understands that statistics from Johns Hopkins University place India in the eighth lace in terms of coronavirus fatalities

The country is worried because it has reported more 20,000 cases per in the last three days

India managed to keep at bay infections at the Southern however, the seemingly normalcy has again triggered new infections

The country has scaled up testing facilities in various states and cities in a bid to halt the spread of the dreadful disease.

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