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Diamond Platinumz`s Producer Lizer Classic Contracts Coronavirus




Diamond Platinumzs Producer Lizer Classic Contracts Coronavirus

(KDRTV)-The official producer of singer Diamond Platinumz has tested positive for coronavirus

KDRTV learned about the report after seeing the Diamond Platinumz`s video that he shared on social media pages.

This has surfaced two weeks after the singer’s manager Sallam Sharaf was confirmed to have contracted the virus

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According to the celebrated Tanzanian singer, the producer may have caught the virus after making contact with manager Sallam.

In the video, Diamond is seen conversing with a health officer who has been attending to Lizer since he was in quarantine

“For example, Lizer who has tested positive but is recuperating just fine, how long does he have to be free from the virus and when will he be released to go home?” Diamond asks in Swahili.

“The patient is tested and after seven days if they have no coronavirus symptoms, they will be tested again. The result may turn out negative because by then the virus is no more. So that is why within these 14 days, one has to go through the tests before been given the go-ahead to go home,” replied the health worker.

KDRTV confirmes that Tanzania has a total of 19 positive cases of coronavirus on Tuesday.

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On the same day, Kenya and Uganda recorded 9 and 11 news cases of the virus respectively.



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