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Frontline Healthcare Workers Vaccinated, Who’s Next?


(KDRTV) – The vaccination process has commenced and Frontline Healthcare Workers stand to receive Pfizer vaccines the first. The question remains, who and what factors determine who gets it next?

In a perfect world, in the middle of a pandemic, you would expect that everyone will stand ready to receive the vaccine once it arrives. Unfortunately, we live in a real-world, a world where opinions differ around all topics, even science a field that is special in the way that it is correct either you believe in it or not. Science is the one truth and it doesn’t matter where you are standing, it’s the same from all angles.


In a global survey made on Covid19 Vaccines Acceptance rate, the data showed great discrepancies between countries on their citizen’s willingness to receive the treatment once available.



In another survey conducted by Gallup Panel in November 2020, only 58% of Americans say they would get a Covid-19 Vaccine when available. The remaining 42% are hesitant or reluctant due to the hasty speed of vaccine development.

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Generally speaking, countries with high authoritative regimes tend to a high acceptance rate because they know that when push comes to shove, they wouldn’t really have a say in it. Free countries, however, like the US, France, and the UK have lower acceptance rates due to freedom of speech which allows certain parties to campaign or advocate against vaccination, on reasonable fears to say the least.

Secretary Alex Azar from The Department of Health and Human Services recently announced that 2,9 million doses of Pfizer vaccine were sent out for emergency use on Healthcare Workers, in a statement ‘We know we have the vaccine available to get to 20 million people by the end of December and then a total of 50 million by the end of January’. Thanks to the CARES Act, the vaccine will be free to whoever wants it.


The Mayor of San Francisco and many high-level officials in the country were keen on the news and took it to Twitter.

Each state with receive the first batch of doses depending on its population and it’s up to the governors to decide how to distribute afterward. The vaccination order will be Healthcare Workers and anyone working in the medical sector first, long term nursing and elderly care home residents second for their vulnerability to the disease, essential workers and people with underlying conditions in the 3rd order. Of course, exceptions exist and we can expect the process to be human at the very least.

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