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Graduates, youth and unemployed to heave a sigh of relief




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A proposal to pay interns and jobless youth is in motion in parliament . If approved, graduates and diploma holders taken in as interns will be entitled to a monthly stipend of sh25,000. Unemployed youth will also be paid a sh 3,000 monthly hardship allowance.

For this to happen, the  Social Assistance and Employment Acts which are being championed by Caleb Amisi (MP- Saboti) and Didmus Barasa (MP- Kimilili), respectively, need to be approved.

The Social Assistance Act.

Caleb Amisi is seeking to see the amendment of the Social Assistance Act (2014) which will ensure any unemployed youth will receive a hardship allowance of sh12,000 every four months.

Mr. Amisi also seeks to see through the amendment of section 22 of the Principal Act that will see the Cabinet secretary in charge of the docket gazettes hardship allowance.

The Employment Act.

On the other hand, Mr. Didmus Barasa is seeking the amendment of Employment Act no 1 of 2017.

This will ensure that every diploma holder and graduate taken on as an intern by an employee in the private or public sector will be paid sh25,000. The act, when amended, will also stipulate the minimum wage payable to an intern.

The amendment of the Employment Act will also mean that employees will now file annual internship returns. Additionally, according to the Act, any employer with more than 50 workers will have to take in interns at the rate of 5% of the total workforce.

Current Act in place.

The current Social Assistance Act of 2013 provides for the provision of social assistance to persons in need of social assistance.

In the current Act, these groups of people include orphans and vulnerable children, poor elderly persons, unemployed persons, persons disabled by acute chronic illnesses, widows, and widowers, persons with disabilities and any other persons considered to require social assistance.






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