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Miguna Miguna Wants The Late Moi In Hell




Miguna fist high

(KDRTV)-As the burial course of ex-president Daniel Moi is underway, the Kenyan-Canadian lawyer Miguna Miguna now wants Moi in hell.

According to Miguna, Moi was a dictator and stole trillions fro Kenyans.

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Miguna Miguna was responding to a post by The Nation on his Twitter account

The lawyer later locked horns with the newly sworn Governor of Kiambu county James Nyoro over the deeds of ex-president Daniel Moi during his regime.

Miguna has highlighted the dark side of the ex-president while Nyoro was urging him to allow Kenyans to bury the late in peace.

The lawyer had said that Moi detained tortured and killed innocent Kenyans and looted trillions of public resources.

“Nyoro: You’ve made ZERO contributions to national discourse and provided no services to Kiambu people. Before you yell at me the same way you did at Kuria in Kitui, let me remind you that Moi detained, tortured and killed innocent Kenyans and looted TRILLIONS of public resources,” wrote Miguna

Miguna also commented on the confession that was made by Magesha Ngwiri to have been recruited by KANU and helped prolong the brutality and lost

“Magesha Ngwiri confesses to having been recruited by Chief KANU Propaganda crook Philip Ochieng’ to undermine freedom fighters. We need more scoundrels like Ngwiri to confess. Where is Philip Ochieng’, Odindo & Company?” asked Miguna



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