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MP Alice Wahome On Fire Over Wajinga Nyinyi Response




Alice Wahome

(KDRTV)- Kandara Member of Parliament Alice Wahome has shocked the netizens after her perceived rude response to one of his constituents who inquired about her development scheme

A Twitter use Ngugi Boniface, disclosed his concern over the poor state of toilets in one of the primary schools within Kandara constituency hoping that the lawmaker consider taking responsibility and address the issues

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In a quick response, Wohome arrogantly downplayed the issues arguing that other schools across the country experience the same problemΒ  and referred to the electorate as a ‘fool’

“That is the shame of school infrastructure in Kenya. Not just Kandara. Jingawew,” she tweeted

The seemingly annoyed Wahome went ahead and schooled the electorate and other citizens about the role of an MP before ending up with a vile Wajinga Nyinyi response.

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“I challenge those who have commented to tell me where in my contract as an MP i was given the job of fixing school infrastructure then you will make sense, Wajinga Nyinyi. Haters,” she added

The response by the Kandara MP Wahome rubbed a section of netizens the wrong way and thus they too reacted to Wahome. Here are some of the responses:



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