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New Kiambu Governor James Nyoro Vows To Protect Uhuru Kenyatta From Frustrations




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(KDTRTV)-The newly sworn-in Governor of Kiambu county has vowed to lock horns with the people staging frustrations against President Uhuru Kenyatta on the Building Bridges Initiative (BBI)

Nyoro was speaking on Saturday, February 1, during a BBI forum in Kitiu where he said he would not allow any leader, regardless of their status to go against president Uhuru Kenyatta`s wish

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“The president must be given his due respect. Anyone who will not accord him his honor, we will ensure we hunt and deal with them even if it is in their houses,” said Nyoro

James Nyoro was sworn in as the new Kiambu Governor after the former governor Ferdinand Waititu was ousted by county MCAs and the ejection was later approved by the Senate

KDRTV understands that James Nyoro was was previously the Deputy Governor of the county vowed that he would not work again with former governor Waititu


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