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Nigerian Governor Urges Civilians To Arm Themselves Against Bandits

Civilians protests the government`s plea to them the arm themselves against bandits, says the government has failed to execute its role of protecting the citizens.

Nigerians protesting against insecurity challenges in the country
Nigerians protesting against insecurity challenges in the country

KDRTV NEWS: Nigerian civilians have been urged by the Governor of the north-western Katsina state Aminu Masari to arm themselves against criminal gangs.

In his statement, the governor faulted the citizens for the continued attacks by the armed gangs.

According to the head of state, the gangs are emboldened by what he referred to as people`s “meek submission.”

The governor made sentiments on Tuesday during a visit to the town of Jibia- one of the communities that were recently affected by violence.

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At the same time, the Nigerian defense minister was also condemned in February when he made the same comments.

In the viewpoint of many Nigerian, through such comments, the Nigerian government is admitting its failure to protect the citizens from the wrath of the armed criminal gangs.

The citizens condemned the top government officials for encouraging the citizens to acquire weapons to confront the heavily armed criminals gangs.

In recent years, cases of bandits abducting villagers and school children for ramsons have spiraled.

In the recent case, a top government officials was kidnapped something thing that made political analaysts to worry about the safety of other top government officials such senators and governors.

The ongoing violence have resulted in milllions of people being displaced and thousands being killed.

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The abduction of school going children made authorities to close schools in certain areas.

The goevrnemnt of Nigeria has seemingly failed to adress the security concerns in the country something that economic experts veiew as a threat to country`s economy.

KDRTV is not sure if Nigerian government will seek intervention of the internation community or will continue to fight the bandits alone.

Apart from armed bandits, Nigeria is also considered as country that is still suffering from the paradigm of lack of freedom of speech.

The government recently imposed a ban of Twitter microblog website.

However, the citizens defied the ban and continued to use the platform with the back of the international community.

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