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Raila Will Only Retire After Becoming President – Oburu Odinga




handshake 1
Uhuru and Raila Handshake

(KDRTV) – ODM leader Raila Odinga has his eyes set on the 2022 Presidency, his brother Oburu Odinga has said.

Oburu, the elder brother to the former Prime Minister, has asked those calling on Raila to retire to give him the presidency even for one term.

“Some people are saying he goes home, how can he go home before becoming President? He has been contesting but has not been President. So we are saying, let him be President for even one term. Age is just a number,” the EALA MP told the Sunday Nation.

Raila, 75, has refused to declare his stand on the 2022 polls insisting that this is not the time for politics. The AU envoy has been putting a lot of effort into the BBI report which he says will unite the country. The BBI is supposed to deliver a referendum later this year.

Raila’s ‘other brother’, Uhuru Kenyatta has told everyone who would love to hear that he did not promise to endorse Raila for President during the famous 2018 handshake.

However, Deputy President William Ruto and his allies have said on more than one occasion that Raila still wants the Presidency and is using the handshake and the BBI report to get to State House.

There are claims form Ruto allies that the new BBI changes will see Raila become President and Uhuru become Prime Minister.

These claims will only become louder with Oburu Odinga’s revelations.

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