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Savage Kenyans Celebrate Reports That 17 MPs Have Tested Positive for COVID-19




17 MPS Test Positive for COVID-19

(KDRTV) – President Uhuru Kenyatta recently said that Coronavirus does not discriminate. It attacks both the poor and the rich without fear or favour.

The disease is an equalizing factor. If you test positive, you will end up at Mbagathi Hospital which does not have a private wing for the rich. It is even worse for influential Kenyans who can’t travel outside the country for treatment. Almost all airlines have been grounded after countries restricted travel as one of the ways to curb the spread of the virus.

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It means that politicians have to use the health facilities available in their countries. These facilities are not what they are used to because they stole money meant to equip them.

It is for this and other reasons that Kenyans are celebrating reports that at least 17 MPs and Senators have tested positive for the dreaded Coronavirus.

On Tuesday evening, two local newspapers revealed that the legislators had reportedly contracted the deadly virus after interacting with persons who had the virus already. The MPs were tested at Parliament buildings and the numbers could be more as some had not received their results.

Nobody is feeling sorry for the lawmakers. In fact, Kenyans on social media have unanimously agreed that the politicians should be sent to their respective constituencies and counties to be treated in the very health facilities they have been neglecting for so long.

Here are some of the things that Kenyans are saying:

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