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South Africa To Ease Coronavirus Lock-down Restrictions




forced to quarantine

(KDRTV)-The president of South Africa has announced that his administration was planning to ease some lockdown restrictions beginning net months citing economic concerns

However President Cyril Ramaphosa warned that the people should remain at home, the social gathering should remain banned and the country`s borders will stay closed

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The President also noted that from May 1, some businesses will reopen and a third of the employees can return to work

The statement also indicated that some schools will also reopen but under strict conditions, for instance, there would be limits to class sizes

Many people in South Africa are being told to stay at home to continue halting the spread of the coronavirus

According to President Ramaphose, the month-long lockdown has been working for the country and has halted the expansion of the pandemic

However, he noted that still, people need to eat and thus the country needs to ease some lockdown restrictions

However, Mr. Ramaphosa warned of new surge of infections which is already a concern in many South African cities

However there is a greater pressure to reopen the business partially and cautiously

The government also announced has also established welfare grants to cushion poor families during the pandemic

South African is the most hard-hit country in Africa by the coronavirus which originated in Chinese city Wahun


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