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Stepfather Stabbed to Death Over Food Wrangle.




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A 15 year old boy yesterday stabbed his stepfather to death over row on a plate of food.

The stepfather, Joel Kipngetich aged 50 resided from Chepkoin Constituency and he met his death after an argument arose over a plate of food that was meant for supper.

The step son was a standard six pupil who is said to be very ill tempered and would often over react over small misunderstandings.

On this fateful day, the two were having a conversation where they disagreed prompting the young boy to get a machete and cut his stepfather several times until his death.

The accused fled the scene of the incident and attempted to take away his life after realizing his crime and the consequences thereafter by ingesting a pesticide that left him unconscious for some time.

However, the police caught up on him and had him arrested after the neighbors found the old man in a pool of blood with deep cut wounds on the chest.

He was rushed to the nearby hospital, treated and discharged therein taken in custody waiting to be charged.

The OCPD of the area affirmed adding that although he is a juvenile, murder is a serious offence that should be punished by the law.

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