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Three Arrested for Pornographic Businesses Involving High School Students.




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Three business owners in Nakuru town have been arrested for involving high school students in their pornographic businesses and operating contrary to license issued.

The three business owners are said to operate businesses under one building where they are licensed to operate as mail shops yet they hide and offer pornography viewing.

The police Inspector of Nakuru East James Kinari affirmed the incident adding that about 57 students were found at the premises in school uniforms watching the indecent scenes.

The students arrested were from three different schools namely Londiani High, Nakuru High and Kapsabet High.

They were found red handed watching porn as well as using drugs that were illegal in Kenya.

The students together with the owners of the business premises were transported to the police station where they recorded statements.

The investigations disclosed more than witnessed as  more people were questioned and much worse revealed.

Neighbors around affirmed the happenings of  the illegal operation adding that they were indulging in businesses contrary to what they were licensed to.

One neighbor mentioned that the businesses were more operational during evening and early morning hours.

Although the students were released after questioning, they were warned of serious implications in case they were found doing the same.

The owners of the business had their machines and gadgets confiscated as they were exposing minors into indecent actions and behaviors.

The Police Inspector also promised to have them charged.

It is a holiday season where most schools are closing for August break and such kinds of behaviors are poisonous to their learning and education.

The Police Inspector urged students to go straight home after school and ideally called upon parents and teachers on check on the students and protect them from such harm.

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