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Trump Campaign to start Fundraise for Legal fees

Let’s Protect our “Democracy” email sent to Trump Supporters to donate


In an email to all “lovers of America”, which was sent at 4:10 am this morning, the Republican Party is preparing for a titanic battle to wrestle presidency from Biden who seem to be gaining ground in battle ground states of Michigan, Wisconsin and Pennsylvania.

The Trump campaign has promised to match the donations by 1000% to any donation made for legal fees to ensure President Trump’s victory is not “stolen” by the Democrats.

President Trump Declared Victory last night before all the votes were counted and demanded halting votes counts from Pennsylvania, Arizona and Michigan. Earlier this morning his lead in the battlegrounds narrowed and Biden took the lead and won in Arizona a traditional Red State in electoral map.

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The Titanic battle which has now shown a thin razor victory for Biden has made the Trump campaign to start mobilize it’s supporters to fundraise for a worthy cause on  a duel with Democrats which they claim is headed to the Supreme court if Biden is declared the winner against the Republicans wishes.

The Democrats have already retained the House while the Senate still hangs in the balance as the Democrats needs 3 seats from the incumbent Republicans to tilt the balance to their advantage.

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