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Trump Hopes US Will Overcome Coronavirus By Easter




President Donald Trump calls coronavirus Chinese virus

(KDRTV)-The US President Donald Trump has said that he hopes that his country will overcome coronavirus by Easter.

However, New York`s Governor has expressed his concerns on how the bullet is spreading faster than than “a bullet train”

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Trump who was speaking during a presser at the White House said that the US would be reopening early next month and that would be “a beautiful timeline”

Hours after the briefing, the Senate agreed on a $2 trillion economic rescue scheme with the White house.

The economic rescue package include tax rebates, loans, money for hospitals and rescue packages for businesses

However, the House of Representatives needs to pass the legislation before the president decides whether to ascend it or not.

So far, the US has confirmed 55, 000 cases of coronavirus and about 500 deaths

The has come even after lawsuits have been filed against China over coronavirus which some prosecutors term “Bio-weapon”

KDRTV also understands that the US had initiated the trial of coronavirus vaccines which engaged 45 people who volunteered.

Elsewhere in the world, researchers are on the toes attempting to discover various vaccines and adequate medications for the global pandemic

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Earlier this, there were also reports that China and the US locked horns over the outbreak of coronavirus.

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