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President Ruto Promises 5,000 Job Opportunities for Mombasa Youths Through Affordable Housing Project

President William Ruto has made a significant promise to the youth of Mombasa, vowing to provide them with 5,000 job opportunities through an affordable housing project.

The announcement was made during the launch of the Toyota Fortuner local assembly line in Miritini on a Saturday.

According to Ruto, the government is determined to commence the construction of 2,000 houses in Mombasa’s Jomvu area before the end of this year.

These housing projects will not only provide shelter for the community but also open up employment prospects for the local youth.

Ruto emphasized that various skilled professionals would be required for the construction, including plumbers, electricians, engineers, architects, masons, carpenters, and cashiers.

In his address, the President urged the youth to embrace all job opportunities that come their way, regardless of the role’s nature, as long as it brings financial benefits.

He encouraged them not to discriminate against any job and reminded them that “kazi ni kazi” (all work is work). Whether it involves tightening bolts or working as an electrician, every job has value and contributes to personal growth and prosperity.

Moreover, Ruto outlined plans for the establishment of Information and Communication Technology (ICT) hubs in each ward of Mombasa.

These hubs will enable the youth to work remotely for international employers, even from within their local communities.

The President aspired for a scenario where a person from Jomvu, within their ward, could work for a company in the United States and receive payment in dollars.

The government’s commitment to deploying 100,000 fibre optic cables will facilitate the realization of these ICT hubs, leveraging technology to create additional job opportunities.

Beyond housing and technology initiatives, Ruto also addressed the transportation needs of the residents.

The government is set to open a new railway station in Jomvu, aiming to ease commuting for the local populace as they go about their daily activities and businesses.

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