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Melania Trump, A Puppet Master or a Failed First Lady?

Melania Trump speaking during RNC second night from White House
Melania Trump speaking during RNC second night from White House

When the Obamas left the office back in 2016, they were already America’s Sweethearts. They raised the bar up high and delivered a wonderful fatherly/motherly presidency. Michelle Obama had a unique and real vibe to her that made everything she did seems right.

For Melania Trump, however, the story is quite different. For her, nothing seemed to sit right with the American people. She suffered a backlash from almost everything she said, did, or even wore. From the Colonial outfit in her to visit Africa, her unrelatable English accent to trying to be herself, and taking off the mask to read for little kids.

During Trump’s one-term presidency, we couldn’t really get a good look at Melania. In other words, no one could really figure her out or get an accurate read. Trump’s fat shadow played a major role and her low-key presence closed the deal.

It is known however that she possess a great influence on her husband and that he consults with her first regarding most matters. Nevertheless, that’s how most marriages work but what about 4 years in the Oval Office? Little data exist on the direct effect of Melania on Trump and everything points out to her reluctance to do anything really. It’s left for the imagination to track her performance as a first lady but is that how it should be?

FLOTUS really did her best and we want to thank her for that, we know it’s not an easy task to manage Trump and we can only hope that you did a good job.

Now with rumors circulating that she would seek a divorce and move back to her town in Slovenia, in her latest statement, ‘I just want to go home’.

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