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Melania Trump Closes RNC Second Night With Plea For Racial Harmony

Melania Trump speaking during RNC second night from White House
Melania Trump speaking during RNC second night from White House

(KDRTV)-The US First Lady Melania Trump has pleaded with the Americans to embrace racial unity in a live speech from the White House to the Republican party convention.

She also urged residents to refrain from violence and looting as massive protests hit Kenosha city after police shot a black man Jacob Blake eight times in the back under unclear circumstances

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She also asked the American to denounce assumptions based on race and made a reference on the US history

The second night which was designed around the theme of “Land of Opportunity”  also afforded president`s children, Eric, and Tifanny Trump opportunity to give a speech

Eric based his arguments on “radical Democrats” whom he said want to disobey the US National Anthem

“They want to disrespect our National Anthem by taking a knee,” he said, “while our armed forces lay down their lives every day to protect our freedom.”

At the same time, he faulted Joe Biden of planning to defund law enforcement, however, the Democrats flag bearer has not made such a proposal.

The US Secretary of State Mike Pompeo also tendered a pre-recorded speech from Israel, hailing Mr. Trump`s “America First vision”.

KDRTV understands that President Donald Trump is now facing a fierce challenge in the November poll from Joe Biden

The President is also scheduled to officially address the Republican convention`s last night on Thursday.

Melania Trump made his speech at the White House on Tuesday evening before a small audience with his husband in attendance

“Like all of you, I have reflected on the racial unrest in our country,” she said.

“It is a harsh reality that we are not proud of parts of our history. I encourage you to focus on the future while still learning from the past.”

She further urged the Americans “to come together in a civil manner so we can work and live up to our standard American ideals.

“I also ask people to stop the violence and looting being done in the name of justice, and never make assumptions based on the color of a person’s skin.”

The Tuesday`s night commenced with a prayer for Jacob Blake, the father of three, who was shot by police in Kenosha City

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Critics have also condemned President Donald Trump for stoking racial tensions even though the black speakers denounced such allegations in their speech

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