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China Fires Back At U.S. Over Covid Data Transparency

China fires back at the US over allegation that it withheld critical Covid data as WHO changes tone.

US China presidents speak for the first time since election of Joe Biden
The diplomatic ties between China and the US continues to be strained.

(KDRTV)-China has responded back to allegations by the US that it withheld certain information about the outbreak of Coronavirus outbreak.

According to Biden`s administration, China refused to provide critical data about the early cases of the Covid world Health Organization investigation team.

According to a statement released by the White House National Security Council Adviser Jake Sullivan, Biden`s administration is concerned about how the initial data about early cases of coronavirus is being communicated and arising question about the issue

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“It is imperative that this report be independent, with expert findings free from intervention or alteration by the Chinese government,” he said, referring to the WHO mission investigating the origins of the pandemic in the central city of Wuhan, where the coronavirus was first detected late in 2019.

“To better understand this pandemic and prepare for the next one, China must make available its data from the earliest days of the outbreak.” Sullivan’s statement said.

China through its embassy in Washington blamed the US for having gravely destroyed international cooperation of the pandemic and is now baling countries that have been faithfully WHO.

China had welcomed Joe Biden`s decision to continue funding WHO and believed that the US will “hold itself to the highest standards, take a serious, earnest, transparent and responsible attitude, shoulder its rightful responsibility, support the WHO’s work with real actions and make due contribution to the international co-operation on COVID-19,” read the statement.

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KDRTV understands that Yesterday, some news outlets reported that WHO investigative team members complained that China restricted them from accessing detailed information about the early cases of coronavirus and instead just gave the a summary.

However, WHO team member Peter Daszak said that the Chinese authorities adequately cooperated with them.

“As lead of animal/environment working group I found trust & openness w/ my China counterparts. We DID get access to critical new data throughout. We DID increase our understanding of likely spillover pathways,” Daszak tweeted.

The sentiments were supported by another WHO team member who said;

“We DID build up a good relationship in the Chinese/Int Epi-team! Allowing for heated arguments reflects a deep level of engagement in the room. Our quotes are intendedly twisted casting shadows over important scientific work,” Fischer tweeted.

The US has been blaming China for allegations of withholding critical information about Covid and thus thwarting global efforts to stop the menace.

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