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Tanzania Finally Accept Presence of Covid-19

Tanzania finally agrees to embrace Covid-19 measures, says the United States

Tanzania President John Magufuli
Tanzania President John Magufuli

(KDRTV)-The United States has announced that Tanzania has finally accepted that the country is not free from Coronavirus. 

The US has thus praised the country for finally noting the resurgence of Covid-19 after had said that it had defeated the pandemic.

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However, the US urged Tanzania to share infection data and apply for Covid jabs.

“It has become clear that the virus variant has arrived in Tanzania,“ U.S. Ambassador Donald Wright, who is also a doctor, said in a statement. “I’ve been encouraged by recent statements from the Ministry of Health acknowledging COVID-19 as a public health priority in Tanzania and urging citizens to take basic precautions.“

Tanzania`s President John Magufuli had declared that the country is free from the pandemic.

However, various institutions, such as churches and universities in the country also hinted at the virus’s presence in the country.

The American Ambassador had faulted Tanzania for cheating on the presence of the virus in the country.

During the Coronavirus period, Tanzania has dismissed various critical Coronavirus prevention measures such as wearing facemasks and keeping social distance,.

The Tanzanian Education system did also not close fully.

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Reported indicated that for weeks, Tanzania had experienced deaths from breathing difficulties. This made the institutions to hint at the presence of coronavirus.

Reports also indicated that many Tanzanians had crossed to Kenya to seek Covid-19 treatments.

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