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WANT TO BE TIKTOK FAMOUS? Local creators share their top tips on how

TikTok Africa 1
TikTok Africa 1

25 August 2020: Leading short-form mobile video platform, TikTok, has taken the world by storm and has become increasingly popular in Kenya simply because the platform provides its users with an experience like no other – the opportunity to create amazing content like a pro with the easy-to-use video capturing and editing tools available in-app.

The use of these tools across various content types have all played a major part in helping creators develop entertaining videos that garner the attention of a global audience. The best part is that you can create great content and grow your following based on your chosen specialty, whether it be fashion, beauty, comedy or sport. The platform encourages all types of creative expression.

This is what the latest in-app initiative, #TikTok101, is all about – top local creators sharing their tips and tricks with other users to help make their videos stand out and ultimately gain more views on the platform.

In light of the #TikTok101 launch, we spoke with two of Kenya’s top content creators – comedian, @morgyadrian, and beauty creator, @joisij_smile – who spilled the beans on just how easy it is to grow your account. Here are their tips for TikTok success.

  1. Post consistently

There is no golden number when it comes to how many times a creator should post, but the common consensus is that it needs to be often. This is because the more you post, the better your chances of your videos being discovered.

@morgyadrian: Being famous means having a big following. This comes with the constant demand for creativity while developing regular, entertaining content to keep your fans on your wall. My advice to other creators would be to remain consistent by posting videos regularly.

@joisij_smile: I normally take a day where I shoot many videos and then save them as drafts. Then throughout the week, I post them, usually one to two per day.  This way I have enough content to be consistent even when I’m busy.

  1. Select the right hashtags

Hashtags are a great way to link your content to ongoing trends. Users should use trending hashtags and/or relevant hashtags to make content more discoverable.

@morgyadrain: Creating hashtags with keywords related to your videos increases the chance of your content being seen by people who engage with that type of content. Also, ensure you have good lighting for creating good videos.

@joisij_smile: Make yourself stand out by creating relatable hashtags and injecting your own unique personality, whether it’s what you wear, how you act, or the skits you perform.

  1. Jump onto trends and challenges

TikTok hosts a range of interactive challenges and trending topics that anyone can participate in. By participating in these challenges, creators have the opportunity to find common ground with people from all over the world while expressing their differences.

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@morgyadrian: When something is trending, it’s good to take advantage of it. Do this by jumping on the trend to increase the chances of your videos being viewed. Trending hashtags can be found through the discovery page.

@joisij_smile: One of my top tips would definitely be to capitalize on trends and ride the wave to get incredible views leading to more followers. All the new trends can be found on the discovery page. I’d also suggest scrolling through the For You page – there you’ll get to see some new ideas.

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  1. Engage and collaborate

If you think someone’s video is cool or funny, tell them! Also, make use of the awesome in-app tools that allow you to collaborate and creatively interact – Like the reply to comments feature.

@Morgyadrian: Remember to engage your audience in the comments section. This helps you understand the type of content your fans would like to see.

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@joisij_smile: If you want to become TikTok famous, I would recommend you create relatable videos. For example, since I’m in Kenya, I look for Kenyan sounds or write things that Kenyans relate to but when I’m in another country, I do my research and create content that my audience there can relate to.  Also, be ready to sustain conversations with your followers by listening and responding to questions and comments about your content.

  1. Invest in yourself and your content

Final tips from these creators.

@morgyadrian: Pick your stronghold and just keep doing what you do best, but most importantly enjoy yourself while doing it.

Nikupea Utawezana Challenge Lady Bullied on Social Media After Viral Video

@joisij_smile: There are a lot of different filters and effects available on the platform which help make my videos look good. My advice to others would be to create quality content so that viewers want to come back for more. A good example is that you can shoot a video and not finish it, then tell your viewers to come back tomorrow for the rest. People will follow you because they want to see the ending of your video.


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